32 Marketing Activities Rainmakers Did This Month

32 Marketing Activities Rainmakers Did This Month

If ever there was a business advancement cheat sheet, this is it!

I am going to inform you precisely what numerous of my multimillion-dollar rainmaking customers did this previous month to reinforce relationships with their existing customers and essential recommendation sources. I am likewise going to inform you exactly what they did to “credential” themselves to more increase their name acknowledgment. In no specific order, these are a few of the activities these attorneys did:

1. Gone to a customer– specifically off-the-clock– to see exactly what issues were keeping the president of the company up in the evening. Upon going back to the workplace, the lawyer sent out the customer a memo with tips and a method for taking on these issues.
2. Took the train to New York City to check out a customer– once again off the clock– to discover how the law practice might enhance its service in the customer’s eye.
3. Gone to the funeral service of a customer’s mom.

4. Provided a speech to a market group and after that turned the talk into a post and post. The lawyer, even more, used the post as a need to establish a meeting with a paper press reporter who covered such concerns. The lawyer was gladly priced estimate in the ultimate post.

5. Had a breakfast and lunch with 2 different nonlegal recommendation sources to see exactly what the lawyer might provide for them to assist grow their business. At the end of the discussions, both recommendation sources asked the lawyer how they might be of help to her practice.
6. Called a customer on the phone to personally want him a delighted birthday.
7. Presented a customer to a brand-new crucial contact for them.
8. Knew that the customer loved to play golf and wished to play the leading courses in the United States, therefore he connected to pals who were members of among those courses and scheduled the customer and a visitor to play.
9. Chosen customer for an award being promoted in a local paper and informed the customer that she had done so.
10. Considered the charity near and dear to his customer’s heart and after that asked the customer how he might help– economically or in kind– in some way.
11. Prepared a “litigation avoidance” talk and took it on the roadway to 10 customers.
12. Participated in a board meeting the customer was having– totally free.
13. Took an essential recommendation source and visitor to a daytime Phillies game.
14. Presented the customer to attorneys from a different practice area– understanding the customer was making inroads into a brand-new market and would need that type of customized counsel.
15. Gone to a trade market conference with a customer to much better understand the challenges/opportunities dealing with the customer.
16. Met with a possible brand-new customer dealing with impending litigation and supplied a possible method.
17. Backed recommendation sources’ abilities on LinkedIn.
18. Send out a customer a birthday present of a month-to-month membership to a valued publication. Monthly the customer gets it, they will think of the lawyer.
19. Created a meeting of all legal representatives and staff who work for the lawyer’s leading customer and plan on ways to enhance interaction, service, and responsiveness.
20. Met with a customer– off the clock– to supply insight on brand-new compliance legislation that was going to impact the controlled customer.
21. Co-wrote a short article with a customer and had it released in an essential market trade journal.

22. Looked at pending legislation in her state to see exactly what brand-new practice changes were plentiful. Saw that modifications were concerning the state tax code and provided a brief white paper on exactly what customers might anticipate. Send out the white paper to her customers with a personalized note.

23. Asked the state bar association if he might start a subcommittee– and co-chair it– with a noncompeting recommendation source– to inform the bar on brand-new legislation. They stated yes.
24. Gotten in touch with a non-active, previous customer to offer her an idea for growing her business from The Wall Street Journal.
25. Took an hour on the phone of nonbillable time to sign in with her leading 10 customers, specifically to thank them once again for the opportunity of representing the company.
26. Used to examine a customer’s copyright portfolio– free of charge.
27. Examined customer costs prior to sending them out– to make sure that they were reasonable, use of services supplied and time crossed out and particularly recognized gratis and value included services. Billings are the most carefully check out paper by customers and therefore provide an incredible marketing chance.

28. Offered a one-hour principles CLE to the whole legal staff at a customer’s head office.

29. Got on airplanes, trains, and autos to go to customers off the clock and hold “workplace hours” with their crucial supervisors who might roam in and out of the meeting room asking concerns.
30. Signed up with a crucial trade market with the idea of ultimately going on the board– but for this very first year going to as numerous occasions as possible to satisfy people.

31. Met with Assistant to obtain her views on how– as a group– they might enhance service to customers.

32. Took time on Monday to “calendar” 3 months of Thursday lunches with recommendation sources and individual members of a board on which the lawyer serves.

I need to inform you that these activities– particularly the ones the legal representatives provided for totally free– all settled in different methods. New matters can be found in the door. Customers “fell in love once again” with their legal representatives. If ever there was a time to be a “copy-cat”– it is now.